step-4_-mascara-300x169 SEX AND MARRIAGE

The two reasons why most marriage relationships end up in shatters is either due to sex or finances; this is according to statistics. By shatters, I don’t necessarily mean divorce, even though we have been hearing more and more cases about people calling it quits on their marriage unions. By shatters, I mean a stale relationship where there isn’t any growth among you two, and the hefty burden of fending for your family is the only bond that seems to keep both of you together. As Africans, divorce has never been part of our diverse culture; we could only hear about the next wife or some other person on the sides.



THE END – Fulfill Your Ministry

THE-END-BISHOP-QUOTE-300x200 THE END - Fulfill Your Ministry
No man will live forever, these bodies that shelter our spirits and souls will soon waste away. Our bodies, which can be differentiated as male and female, will soon waste away as our spirits live forever. But here is the thing though; our spirits, which need to get born again and renewed by the day, will either rest in eternal peace or damnation. Either one of these two we will have to choose and time is not on our side. Soon, it will be the end. The end to this bodies, but an eternity for our spirits.


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