step-4_-mascara-300x169 SEX AND MARRIAGE

The two reasons why most marriage relationships end up in shatters is either due to sex or finances; this is according to statistics. By shatters, I don’t necessarily mean divorce, even though we have been hearing more and more cases about people calling it quits on their marriage unions. By shatters, I mean a stale relationship where there isn’t any growth among you two, and the hefty burden of fending for your family is the only bond that seems to keep both of you together. As Africans, divorce has never been part of our diverse culture; we could only hear about the next wife or some other person on the sides.



THE END – Fulfill Your Ministry

THE-END-BISHOP-QUOTE-300x200 THE END - Fulfill Your Ministry
No man will live forever, these bodies that shelter our spirits and souls will soon waste away. Our bodies, which can be differentiated as male and female, will soon waste away as our spirits live forever. But here is the thing though; our spirits, which need to get born again and renewed by the day, will either rest in eternal peace or damnation. Either one of these two we will have to choose and time is not on our side. Soon, it will be the end. The end to this bodies, but an eternity for our spirits.




Quote-of-the-Day-300x300 YOU MUST BE BORN AGAINYou must be born again

“You must be born again.” these where the words that Jesus said to Nicodemus when He came to Him during the night to commend Him for all that was happening through His life: The miracles, signs and wonders that God performed through Him, “Truly no one can do all these wonderful things unless God is with them,” he said.

You see, God doesn’t just want us to be amazed by Him and all that He does. He wants us to be part of it. Our Father desires that His Will be done to us on earth as it is in Heaven. He wants us to be born again, you and I must be born again. You see, Jesus Christ wasn’t unveiled to us on earth so that He can judge us perfectly well in heaven and probably say, “go to hell ” or “let’s dine together in paradise.” Jesus came to perfectly reveal God to us in a way that no one had ever represented Him before. Up until today, many men have misrepresented God and portrayed a vague picture of who He is, but Christ Jesus did it perfectly well and thus the call for all us to be born again. He Himself said this, no one else.



GIVING – There is money to be made in the Gospel

treasure-1411540_1920-e1528955209238-300x226 GIVING - There is money to be made in the Gospel

Giving – There is Money to be Made in the Gospel

“Giving – There is money to be made in the Gospel.” These were God’s words to me about some month ago. “Mm-hmm,” for a minute I was like, “Father, even You!” These were my immediate responses as I listened keenly on what Daddy would say next. He went on to expound on this. Paul once acknowledged that there were people who preached the Gospel for different reasons, even for monetary gain, but He was glad that the Gospel was being taught. Daddy then began reminding me of how the people who manage the different ‘gospel industries’ aren’t necessarily Christians, but are there for the money. People who run these so-called ‘gospel industries’ are firmly aware that people are givers, especially to things of God. You and I give or have at one time given; this is what they are banking on. They might not have the heart of God, which is a heart for the people, a desire for truth to be known among them and a decision made to receive total forgiveness on account of what Jesus has done. (more…)


Victory in Prayer

coverpagenew-231x300 Victory in Prayer

Victory in Prayer

Victory in Prayer is a dynamic book written by Arnold Kedenge, set to demonstrate Christ’s love for all Humanity. It’s both a revelatory and prophetic book, with scriptures carefully picked to demonstrate Daddy’s heart concerning prayer.

I’m strongly persuaded that Daddy uses such an approach in dealing with us concerning anything.  He always wants us to break away from that which may be holding us, then He imparts His righteousness to us, while He again leads us in His path which is perfect and complete.




GALATIANS – Unveiling The Gospel

Galatians-Unveiling-the-Gospel-promo-2 GALATIANS - Unveiling The Gospel

Galatians – Unveiling the Gospel

Galatians – Unveiling The Gospel is an exposition of the entire book of Galatians. Written by Arnold Kedenge, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, set apart for this sole purpose of truth. Galatians – Unveiling The Gospel sets to stir the church to its sole objective, and that is to be witnesses of Christ’s resurrection power working on the inside of them, even as we brace ourselves for His second coming.

The Gospel message is one that is as rare as the moon at day, and as present as the sun rising early in the morning, thus the reason why we still need to pursue to be in it, even as we brace ourselves for the second coming of Christ. More than two thousand years now have passed since the unveiling of this truth, many generations have come and gone, but still the message which is to extend to the ends of the earth does remain. This message is what we ought to preserve and pass it on for all to receive.




bulletin-board-541761 SPIRITUAL PORNOGRAPHY
James 1:22

James 1:22

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

English Standard Version (ESV)

PORNOGRAPHY, such a big word before men and can sometimes seem almost hard to utter! But where does our spirituality link up with pornography?

The first time I heard both this words joined together, I keenly tuned my ears to listen more and shut my mouth from trying to interject the matter. I was listening to an Apostle sharing from all that Lord was depositing in his heart to share to all who call upon His glorious Name, Jesus, the name above all other names. In simple terms, pornography is when one becomes so glued to seeing and listening to that which they don’t partake both from or of.



God of The Old and New Covenant

Christ-nothing-more-nothing-less God of The Old and New Covenant

God has never changed, there are a countless number of scriptures both praising and revealing God’s unchanging nature – He has always been the same.

17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17, NIV

There is also a countless number of scriptures describing Jesus as having been there since the beginning of time with God. He’s unveiling to the world, what we all know as revelation, is revealed throughout the new covenant texts, but He has always been in existence since the beginning.




But-let-your-word-‘yes’-be-‘yes’-and-your-‘no’-be-‘no.’-Anything-more-than-this-is-from-the-evil-one.Math-5_37-HCSB-300x300 NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH

Nothing but the Truth                                       

If there are words that are forever honored, both in heaven and on earth, they can be nothing but the truth. It’s funny how people delight in lies, you meet someone, then tell them that you are unable to assist them and you can see the anger and utter disgust right from their eyes to


your denial. I value truth. If two years ago, I would meet people who would just say, “I actually don’t have the time for this. I am busy and would not be able to assist you in this.” This would help me a lot. At least, I wouldn’t have to wait for or on them. This is the value of truth. (more…)



What you allow does affect the persons who are dear to you. Whenever I get a chance to visit families or friends with kids, you could see the desire in…

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