GIVING – There is money to be made in the Gospel

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Giving – There is Money to be Made in the Gospel

“Giving – There is money to be made in the Gospel.” These were God’s words to me about some month ago. “Mm-hmm,” for a minute I was like, “Father, even You!” These were my immediate responses as I listened keenly on what Daddy would say next. He went on to expound on this. Paul once acknowledged that there were people who preached the Gospel for different reasons, even for monetary gain, but He was glad that the Gospel was being taught. Daddy then began reminding me of how the people who manage the different ‘gospel industries’ aren’t necessarily Christians, but are there for the money. People who run these so-called ‘gospel industries’ are firmly aware that people are givers, especially to things of God. You and I give or have at one time given; this is what they are banking on. They might not have the heart of God, which is a heart for the people, a desire for truth to be known among them and a decision made to receive total forgiveness on account of what Jesus has done. (more…)

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