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Two years ago, about the end of 2016, the Lord showed me how a majority of preachers handle scriptures. As ministers, we are definitely at the forefront of sharing God’s word with everyone and how we treat His word would determine whether our congregants will receive from the Lord or the devil. When the devil was tempting Jesus, the devil used some verses from the Bible to try to get Jesus to give up His power and authority. He used Psalms 91:11 to try to get Jesus to test God, but Jesus knew without a shadow of a doubt that God should never be tested but obeyed, since He is faithful to His word, Deuteronomy 6:16.

The devil tried to get Jesus to disobey God, then play the religion card of claiming God’s promises because in disobedience you of course move away from the promise of God. Does this sound familiar, claiming the promises of God from the Psalms, as he did with Jesus? But Jesus knew God, He had a relationship with Him and was determined to live in honor of Him. It was out of this insight that God inspired me to write a line by line exposition of the entire book of Galatians, GALATIANS – Unveiling the Gospel and its relevance at this present time and age.

Whenever someone mishandles God’s word, this is only to mean that you are prone to the devil than you know it. The devil isn’t about just getting you addicted to something, a bad habit or a sinful desire, he is about moving us away from obeying God at His word, the same trick he used upon Adam and Eve, is the same one he tried with Jesus and is the same one He would use today.

The Lord showed me how most ministers only pick on one verse and then preach out of it from their own understanding, yet ignoring the other texts in the chapter which are there to build on each other so that we can be able to understand all that God is saying fully. If I only pick one verse, then want to preach from it, how will I be effective at delivering the Word of the Lord?

When the Lord began to inspire men and women of different seasons and time, to write the various books which have now been compiled as the Bible, He must have had something special in mind. A treasure hid in every jotting down of His word. A masterpiece in itself. This words, we ought to continually preserve and commit to delve deeper in.

However, all these texts seem to have but one theme altogether – THE SIN AND REDEMPTION OF MANKIND. They all build up around this one central theme.

We all know that the word of God is pure; unchanging in all its form, and we need not debate about this. But how then can we get to handle scripture so that we can get maximum benefit from it?

This is what the Lord showed me of how a majority of people at this present time and age, ministers, handle scripture. I’ll use Jeremiah 29 as my reference text. The book of Jeremiah has 52 chapters, but a majority of people only know chapter 29. Chapter 29 in itself has 32 verses, yet a majority of people just know and pick on verse 11, but what do the other verses 1 – 10 above and 12 – 32 below 29 say? This is then is how most people do handle scripture.

Instead of reading the entire verses in this chapter which all add to each other, we instead only pick on one verse and want to get a revelation from it. Hence, from 1 – 10, I’ll be speaking of myself, then I only read verse 11, then continue in speaking from myself. I’ll just be exciting people, but no real transformation will ever occur in their lives, since they haven’t known God.

If I regularly ignore going through all scripture texts, I’ll then miss out on what the word of God is all about: GODS PLAN FOR HUMANITY, THE SIN AND REDEMPTION OF MANKIND.

It is for this reason why people do go to churches but are not transformed by the ‘word of God’, because it is never even read to begin with. They only get to hear people’s opinions on scriptures, and flow with the hype of the moment, but without a real encounter with the God who spoke the whole earth to existence. He is the one who transforms, the only one who died to change the hearts of men. He is our Redeemer. He is Jesus.

Below is a video expounding on a Scripture text which a majority of people have fallen short of and gave the devil a loophole for manipulation in their lives, enjoy.

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Kedenge Arnold

Arnold Kedenge is called of God in Jesus Christ to manifest His Heart for all His creation to see and be changed to His form, in Jesus Name. Arnold is a published author and content creator living in Nairobi Kenya where he works as a publisher.

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