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As I woke up this morning and searching the mind of God, I then heard these words, “ KENYA IS PRAYING; AND YOU BETTER JOIN THEM IN PRAYER. ”

I was to share on REPENTANCE this week which I will share on, but still, PRAYER is dear to God’s heart, and I will share it as well.

Having been privileged by Daddy to author a book on Prayer, VICTORY IN PRAYER, I wondered why Daddy still does want me to encourage others to the same. Still, He said, “ I GAVE TO YOU THIS BOOK FOR A REASON, NOT TO SHY AWAY RATHER, BUT TO BOLDLY SHARE IT OUT WITH OTHERS ALL THAT I HAVE ALREADY PLACED INSIDE OF YOU. ”

Prayer is not for God, never can I recall GOD ever praying, but it’s for us Men, we do need to Pray. God demonstrated this on many occasions when He took the form of man here on Earth. Jesus did spend quite a hefty amount of time being alone with God, and hence could outwardly demonstrate God in boldness. The sinful nature of a man couldn’t have its hold on Him while He was in the flesh; He was a man.

Prayer has never been a means to move God to us, prayer is a means to move our hearts towards God. God has never left us nor forsaken us. He is faithful in all His ways. PRAYER DOES HELP TO MOVE US BACK TO GOD.


Kenya is Praying kenya 1 - KENYA IS PRAYING

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Kedenge Arnold

Arnold Kedenge is called of God in Jesus Christ to manifest His Heart for all His creation to see and be changed to His form, in Jesus Name. Arnold is a published author and content creator living in Nairobi Kenya where he works as a publisher.

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