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This new season

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This new season is entirely different from every other season that has gone before us.

Each new day, each new year and each new month all present themselves with plenty of uncertainties. One verse lightened me up to this,

When times are good,
    you should be cheerful;
when times are bad,
    think what it means.
God makes them both
to keep us from knowing
    what will happen next. 

Ecclesiastes 7:14, Contemporary English Version


Three years now have passed since we first started coming together. I call it fellowship; others call us believers, Christians but all in all we are a Light to this world, fellow heirs with Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

I can recall the very first few words God said to me, “I AM IMMANUEL- THE GOD WHO IS WITH YOU, the devil is not. I AM ALL AROUND YOU, THE DEVIL IS NOT. “

Then He told me, “Go start a fellowship WITH REGARDS TO THIS.”

In other words, He was saying, “Pursue Me, Live your life for Me and win others TO ME AS WELL.”

My greatest fear wasn’t even to begin this journey; I feared being viewed as a rebel, an outlaw to the norms, traditions, philosophies and cultures of this society of what we termed as religion.

But He still assured me, “Do not fear, for I am with you.”

This very words which I read from the Bible, many would encourage us by them, I even songs about this very words, and now I would hear them from the Lord.

“FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH YOU.”   Isaiah 41:10 KJV

In every new season, more so this new season, I am firmly reminded of how my God doesn’t ever change, He remains the same: unchanging but all so might and wonderful. Glorious in all His works and consuming in all His splendor.

May we be in Him in all our beings in Jesus name, and fear not for He is with us.

There I so much which I’ve received from the Lord and slowly by slowly, I will share them out so that we can continually keep aligning ourselves to Him who is unchanging.

Thus in every new season, God doesn’t ever change, but He remains the same. Hence, we ought to be unchanging in our devotion to Him. Still in pursuant of Him in every new or similar task all together.

Remain blessed, and we are grateful, in Jesus Name.

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Kedenge Arnold

Arnold Kedenge is called of God in Jesus Christ to manifest His Heart for all His creation to see and be changed to His form, in Jesus Name. Arnold is a published author and content creator living in Nairobi Kenya where he works as a publisher.

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