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No man will live forever, these bodies that shelter our spirits and souls will soon waste away. Our bodies, which can be differentiated as male and female, will soon waste away as our spirits live forever. But here is the thing though; our spirits, which need to get born again and renewed by the day, will either rest in eternal peace or damnation. Either one of these two we will have to choose and time is not on our side. Soon, it will be the end. The end to this bodies, but an eternity for our spirits.

THE END – Fulfill Your Ministry aims to explore this controversial subject about the end with reference to Paul’s letter to Timothy, whom he’d brought to speed on the importance of fulfilling His God-given mandate for the end was near. The end of our days or the second coming of Christ! Either way, still it is the end. This is just what we will be exploring in this book.

When we will all face our Creator, none of us will give an account of the times we were in, every one of us will have to give an account of the life we lived on this earth, not the times we lived. Times and seasons belong to God, and it isn’t for us to know them, but to stay put in obeying our master. As a father would a son, Paul gives Timothy some critical tips on how he can live a fulfilled life in the wake of the changing times and the ever-changing needs of people. Paul makes Timothy aware of what to expect as he draws near the last days of his life and the second coming of Christ.

About the book

THE END COVER FRONT 200x300 - THE END - Fulfill Your MinistryThe first two chapters begin with the preface and introduction, of which Arnold shares his inspiration for this new book and why it is relevant for us at this final hour. Though 2 Timothy was the book used in the exploration of this subject, don’t assume this book to be a commentary, it is both a prophetic and revelatory text of God’s heart to His people for the times we are living in.

Through this book you will be able to learn about:

1. God’s mandate and the time you have to fulfill it.
2. Spiritual authority and how to apply it.
3. How Paul fulfilled His ministry and how he wanted Timothy to Fulfill His as well.
4. Paul’s instructions to Timothy how he would fulfill his ministry.
5. Being like Christ and the call to suffer.
6. Overcome passions, at every stage of life, there are passions we have to flee.
7.The changing times.
8.The last days of your life.
9. Seeing people, for who they are in the last days of your life.
10.God’s word in the last days

THE END – Fulfill Your Ministry aims to stir us up to make maximum use of the time we have so that we can redeem it for the glory and honor of the Lord, for the end is here with us. Once you have gained the strength you need from He who saved you, it is not so that you can be high above everyone else, but so that you can be able to commit the message of Jesus Christ to others.

Crafted in Apostolic wisdom, THE END – Fulfill Your Ministry is a must read for every believer in this final hour.

How to get a copy

THE END – Fulfill Your Ministry is available both as an EBOOK on amazon,

And as a physical copy and also EBOOK, when you send us an email, with the subject THE END – FULFILL YOUR MINISTRY, describing to us the format you want and when you would want it.

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Kedenge Arnold

Arnold Kedenge is called of God in Jesus Christ to manifest His Heart for all His creation to see and be changed to His form, in Jesus Name. Arnold is a published author and content creator living in Nairobi Kenya where he works as a publisher.

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