Complete freedom and Deliverance doesn’t just come when you stop doing all the wrong and harmful things that you were so used to doing while in sin; total liberty and deliverance is when you can now begin serving the Lord in areas where you were serving the devil.

NOW THIS IS COMPLETE FREEDOM; you can now serve God in every way possible without any guilt trying to shut you down; THE FREEDOM THAT WE NOW HAVE IN CHRIST

If lying was a struggle, now begin telling the truth
If fornication was a struggle, you can either get married or now begin serving God in purity being His bride.
If it were adultery, then start by being faithful to your mate. Begin walking faithfully.
If it were tribalism, start by being kind to every other tribe. Pray for them and begin giving them first your attention.

And so much more you can do.

FREEDOM is when you can now serve the Lord with a clear conscience, your past being forgiven and newness having been unveiled before your eyes. All glory to You Jesus. All glory to Your Name.
In Jesus name. Amen


If this is you and you desire total freedom and deliverance.

1st is for you to believe in your heart and that Jesus does want you to be free, and has made it possible for you to be free. Through His blood that He shed for all of us on the cross.

2nd is for you to repent for not believing in the freedom that God already offered to us in Christ

Then you can confess this out with your mouth. That God has provided you freedom in Christ, and you receive it. In Jesus name.

Then ask Him to show you how you can now begin to serve Him in that area where you saw ureself as being weak and vulnerable.

Join a fellowship, be open to people who share and seek the Lord.
Believe the Bible, especially the book of Acts. Begin asking God to lead you to people who believe in the same.

And lastly, share with others what you have received from Daddy. You ‘all never know the extent to this.

You and blessed day friends, You are already blessed in Jesus Name.

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Kedenge Arnold

Arnold Kedenge is called of God in Jesus Christ to manifest His Heart for all His creation to see and be changed to His form, in Jesus Name. Arnold is a published author and content creator living in Nairobi Kenya where he works as a publisher.

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